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This AuraMist has been inspired and created for support when working with the self dicipline and self mastery 


My Auramists were inspired during personal channeling sessions which also included receiving the information of the combination of essential oils for each Auramist.

The Auramists use a combination of high vibrational essential oils along with  distilled water  from Perthshire, Scotland.

Each bottle also receives a personal invocation and blessing.

Auramists can be used to prepare your sacred space for meditation or workshops, as well as by spraying them around yourself to enhance your energy, intentions or work practices.


If you are a therapist, they can also be used before, during or after any healing sessions.

When using them for personal use, spray just once or twice above the crown and allow time in silence (suggested at least 1-2 minutes) to sense and feel the full benefit of the energy, fragrances and intention of the Auramist.

The Auramists can also be used in the family home or work space. Spray two or three times around the room depending on the size of area.

They are for external use only.  Please remember to close your eyes when you spray the auramist around yourself.

Melchezidek Essential Oil AuraMist

  • Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense

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