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The AuraMists began as a co-creation between myself and Isobel Stamford.  I had been receiving spiritual inspiration to create a small range of Aura sprays and Isobel had the knowledge on how to produce these and our combined energy has enabled the co-production of these AuraMist ranges.

Initially there were 7 AuraMists created and since their inception on 24th October 2018, we now have a full range of 44.

Purpose of the AuraMists

Through our own learning and from feedback from those who have used the AuraMists since their inception, these have been described as little bottles of magic.  They have supported personal wellbeing and have been used as tools to assist with relaxation, meditation, enhanced connection, being at ease, life transitions and personal healing.

Suggested uses for the AuraMists

Before using an AuraMist, ensure that you are still and focused.

Whilst standing quietly, spray the AuraMist once directly in front of you and then gently step into its power. Remain there to allow the power of the AuraMist essence to be felt and anchored.  

Allow time for the AuraMist to settle. You will become aware of the aroma first, followed by any energy changes you may feel. This could vary, do not rush the process. Please ensure that you give them the space and time they require to anchor the change and support within you.


You can also use them in any healing work by spraying the AuraMist around the therapy room prior to your client entering your practice space, this helps to set the energy or intention for that session.

Gently shake the bottle before use.     


For external use only.  Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Individual ingredients are listed on each bottle.

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AuraMist range

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