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Distant Healings Energy Balance

The Earth needs balance to be healthy and so do we.  Balance creates Balance.

Distant Healing 

Distant healing sessions to assist in your energy realignment.

My distant healing sessions are based in Reiki but also allow other healing energies to part take i.e angelic/master energy.

The intention of the healings is to balance and realign your energy.

 I am offering my distant healing sessions as follows.

Monday to Friday subject to availability

Morning from 11am to 11.11 am GMT,

Fee.. by donation only

Donation options

1. By paypal

2. Donate to plant a tree in my  grove at Trees for Life I set up in 2012. Cost of one tree £6  Link given at time of booking.

3. To keep the energy moving, do a small job or errand for some one who may be having a difficult time just now.

The choice of course is entirely yours.

Message me directly through my contact page to book and please let me know your preferred donation and i can pass on any appropriate link.

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