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Monthly Zoom Event

21st of each month at 7pm-8:30pm GMT

Channelled Guidance from the Animal Kingdom and Masters​

facilitated by David Tyrrell and Cecilia Gotherstrom

This is a monthly interactive event bringing guidance from the Animal Kingdom and Light Being realms for the month ahead.

To register and book your space, please email cecilia@studiostark.net

Energy exchange Euro 22 per session or Euro 55 for 3 sessions within 6 months. 

This includes a recording of the event.

For further information you can contact David Tyrrell or Cecilia Gotherstrom direct.

Weekly World Meditation

Every Sunday at 7pm (Your Local Time)

You are invited to join this weekly meditation to send love around the world. 

Simply light a candle and envisage giving the world a large hug for 7 minutes.


From the comfort of your own space, let's create a tidal wave of LOVE for the world and all life.

Join in and connect energetically with like minded souls around the world.

Your love is the energy exchange for this event.

Monthly Distant Healing

On the 11th of each month at 11am (GMT)

I will be sending out healing energies and intentions between 11 - 11:15am each month.


If you would like to be included in this distant healing, please email your name to be included for the current months healing. 

This is my hearts gift to you.

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