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Anchoring and developing your Starseed Frequencies

Helping you to understand your core starseed frequencies and purpose for this time


What is a starseed?

Starseeds may have lived multiple lives in various systems and on different planets.  Did your soul originate here on Earth or are you of a starseed origin?

If you answer yes to any of the following statements, then it may be highly likely your soul is of a starseed origin.


1. Are you struggling to find the real meaning of your life?

2. Are you feeling out of place and not being able to relate to the reality that surrounds you?

3. Do you experience constant feelings of Deja vu?

Through these informal and intuitive sessions, we aim to reveal your starseed origin and the gifts that you can bring forward and why.

Why is this important?


The importance of these sessions is to both assist the awakening, not only of your starseed and its gifts, but also to create connecting grids between like minded starseeds and their work, which will in turn amplify and strengthen the frequency of the work to be carried out and brought forward, should you choose.

Single Session - £55

Sessions  available online only via Skype, WhatsApp,  Messenger or Zoom video links. 

Please indicate which is your preference during the booking process.

To book your session click the Book Now button and then select a date and time for your appointment.

Payment is requested at the time of booking.

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