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AuraMist Creation

The creation of the AuraMists began when I received information during personal meditation sessions. I was being inspired to create specific pure essential oil blend for specific purposes. At this time I had little personal knowledge of essential oils and their vibrations. 


After I received this information, I contacted my friend Isobel Stamford who understands the workings of essential oils and the making of essences and sprays.  I then brought various blends together for each mist I had received. 

These combinations were then created and bottled by Isobel which included a sacred water blessing and ceremony. Once each AuraMist is created, it is then invoked individually by myself, with the specific high vibrational energy that they hold and carry forward for their individual use. 

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If you require assistance and help to select the correct AuraMist for you,

please contact me for a free consultation.

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