Mediumship and energy healing is at the heart of all my work. It started in my childhood when I would communicate and see loved ones in spirit, as well perceiving and being aware of energy.


I started working with healing and mediumship professionally in my 30's when I also qualified as a Reiki Master. Over the course of 25+ years, I have developed workshops, courses in Crystal Healing, Sacred Geometry, Meditation, working with your Guides and Ascended Masters, as well as training people in Reiki. I have also facilitated a number of residential retreats and workshops in both the UK and overseas. 


All my courses, workshops and products are designed to assist you in finding your natural abilities and to support you in your inner transformation, self empowerment and personal wellbeing. 


My work has been a continual self development and learning process and this process has been outlined in my forthcoming autobiography, which will be published and available later in 2020.  I have also recently developed a range of high vibrational Auramists to enhance your focus and energy, which are available here.

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